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Ten reasons you shouldn't go to film school

Recently I found this very interesting list of arguments why you should or should not go to film school. The article is quite old already, but I think it is now even more right than it was back then. I also believe that some of these points apply to completely different areas of life, too.

In IT you also have a lot of great people working who have learned everything on their own, without studying IT. Still there are a lot of advantages attending school, especially belonging the basics and "wide view" you can get taught there.

Also IT might not be a classical kind of "art", even if you often need loads of creativity to write good applications or find the right solution for a given problem.

I've never thought about going to film school, mainly as film making in a small country like Austria is not very promising. But to be honest I think Ryan Bilsborrow-Koo really hit the point by writing "you either have it or not".

So maybe one has to accept he just doesn't have it. That doesn't automatically mean you have to stop trying or even dreaming. But sometimes it might be better to just have dreams, than trying to live them, fail and then having to give them up.